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Favorite Archaeology Web Links  
Favorite Links

1. Tel Bethsaida Excavations Official Website

Tel Bethsaida Excavations Official website where Dr. Albright has excavated for years in northern Israel

2. Classical Archaeology

Classical Archaeology (A huge site with great photos of European and Mediterranean archaeology. Ordered chronologically, it covers from the Paleolithic through the Roman Imperial Periods. Numerous artifacts, maps and structures from Mesopotamia, Egypt Greece, Rome and other Near Eastern sites. All of the images at this site are provided for non-commercial, study purposes only. Copyright is not granted for any other use.

3. National Geographic Web Site


4. Archaeology Magazine Official Web Site

The official site of Archaeology Magazine, a publication of the American Institute of Archaeology. It has some of the finest materials on the latest news of archaeology around the world.

5. Santorini, Greece Web Site

This site presents Santorini, Greece, one of the islands of Minon civilization which existed in the Late Bronze Age. It contains some of the history of the island during that period and photos of the excavations.

6. Discovery Channel Main Web Site

The site is the main home page for the Discovery channel. It contains guides, such as “Ancient Worlds/History”, and other archaeological articles.

7. http://archaeology today.net

A huge archaeology site with multiple menus and search vehicles for archaeological periods, locations, and archives for materials from the past. One of the best archaeology sites available.

8. Israel's Official Tourism Web Site

Israel’s official North American Tourism web site with information on its history and archaeology sites.

9. Archaeology Magazine Official Web Site

An excellent archaeology web site with excavations, important discoveries, and the history of the work of archaeologists

10. Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Click the menu item “History of Israel” for archaeology work and sites

11. University Of Pennsylvania Museum Of Archaeology And Anthropology

Numerous sites on ancient history and archaeology from the Middle East.

12. Jerusalem Post English Version

The Jerusalem Post English Newspaper/Internet Edition with articles on current archaeology work in the country

13. Tele Aviv University Megiddo Exedition

The modern Megiddo excavations by the Department of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University

14. CenturyOne Foundation

The Century One Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1996 as a public benefit, nonprofit corporation. Its goals are to fund in whole and/or in part archaeological projects, historical and biblical research, lectures and symposiums, publications and education on subjects pertaining to the time of the first century C.E./A.D.

15. Prentice Hall Companion Websites for Archaeology Books

The official web site for Prentice-Hall, publisher of my Introduction to Archeology textbook, IN THE BEGINNING, by Brian Fagan. The opening page shows the cover of the textbook and when you click on the textbook you are given access to each chapter of the book. In each chapter, e.g. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc., there is a synopsis of the chapter.

The menu tabs on the left hand side list several items. Two are “Destinations” and “New York Times”. Listed in “Destinations” for each chapter is other web links that relate to the subject matter of that chapter. There is a wealth of material on these other web sites. “New York Times” takes you to other information on the subjects of Archaeology and Anthropology.

16. Guardian's Egypt

History of Ancient Egypt, pyramids, mummies and mummification, heiroglyphics, books, news, gods and goddesses, sites and monuments, historical periods and discussion, numerous web site links on ancient Egypt.

17. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

A huge site of Outlines, Historical Periods/Photos of Mesopotamia /Egypt /Persia /Israel /Greece /Hellenistic/Roman